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Surrebral #Melania4Divorce Melania Trump Poster

#Melania4Divorce is a poster and hashtag campaign to persuade US First Lady Melania Trump to file for divorce.  Melania may not be perfect, but she still proves herself to be better than the president.  As an immigrant and woman, she actually brings some common sense to the White House.  She argued with her husband against separating children at the border saying she “hates to see this.”  She also was kind enough to attend Barbara Bush’s funeral.  And don’t forget how she actually smiles in photos with former presidents and not with her husband.  And don’t forget how the First Lady (says she) wants to fight cyberbullying, which is exactly what her insult-tweeting husband does.  Oh and last but not least, who would want to marry a man who cheats on you for porn stars and says it’s okay to “grab women by the pussy?”  Well there are so many reasons as to why we are routing for the first lady to file divorce!

The posters feature a hand-drawn portrait of Melania (in the style of Social Anxiety) with the hashtag at the bottom or side.  This poster comes in handy for Anti-Trump and/or Women’s March protests!