SURREBRAL is the art gallery of Max LaZebnik.  Most of the art is inspired by the visual and space art of the 1960s and 1970s.  The name is a combination of the words “Surreal” (heightened/ dream-like reality) and “Cerrebral” (of the mind).  This gallery includes portraits, space and cosmic art, landscapes, and illustrations in a psychedelic art style.  Some portraits represent Max’s “moods” including “Anxiety” and “The Calm State.”  Max’s style derives from classic animated films, pop art, album cover art, and poster art.  Max’s space paintings are references to  the retro/ Space Art style of the late 1960’s/ early 1970’s.  The artwork is created in a variety of styles including: watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, inks, graphite pencils, and more.

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In June 2018, Max started a fun print/ hashtag campaign called, “#Melania4Divorce.”   #Melania4Divorce is a campaign to persuade Melania Trump to get a divorce from The Donald!   It includes posters and/or the use of social media with the simple use of the #Melania4Divorce hashtag!

Check out more info on the#Melania4Divorce page!

#Melania4Divorce Melania4Divorce- Surrebral poster with hand-drawn portrait of Melania Trump convincing her to get a divorce from Donald Trump. Includes art of Melania Trump,