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The Art of Max LaZebnik


Vasquez Rocks

Painting of the Vasquez Rocks in Space


Swingin' Picadilly

A recreation of London's Picadilly Circus from the 1960's.


Love for Lana

Space Painting of Singer Lana del Rey



A space sky as viewed from land with an astronaut


Blowing Planets

A woman blowing planets into the spacy sky.


View from the Balcony

A nebula forming Max's face


SURREBRAL is the art of Max LaZebnik.  Most of the art is inspired by the visual and space art of the 1960s and 1970s.  The name is a combination of the words “Surreal” (heightened/ dream-like reality) and “Cerebral” (of the mind).  This gallery includes portraits, space and cosmic art, landscapes, and illustrations in a psychedelic art style.  Some portraits represent Max’s “moods” including “Anxiety” and “The Calm State.”  Max’s style derives from classic animated films, pop art, album cover art, and poster art.  Max’s space paintings are references to  the retro/ Space Art style of the late 1960’s/ early 1970’s.  The artwork is created in a variety of styles including: watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, inks, graphite pencils, and more.

Meet Max!

Surrebral About Max

Hi, I’m Max! I was Born in Los Angeles in 1991 to author, Claire LaZebnik, and sitcom writer, Rob LaZebnik. Throughout my life, I’ve always wanted to find ways to entertain myself and found drawing and art as a desirable passion. My interest in art started when I was 3 years old, habitually drawing with crayons and playing with felt colored puzzle pieces and letters. I took my first drawing and art classes when I was seven years old. When I was 13 in 2004, the internet had become a huge phenomenon, and since then, always wanted to become part of that. I continued taking art and fine drawing classes when I was in high school, and also started teaching myself basic Web Design. I graduated from New Roads High School in Santa Monica, CA in 2010. I then decided to embark on an ambitious voyage to college by moving over 3000 miles away to Champlain College in the scenic, but snowy Vermont. I originally intended to major in Web Development when I came to Champlain. However, I decided to switch to a Graphic Design major.  I graduated college in 2014 and started working as a freelance web designer for the first couple years out of college.

However, I found my true passion was in visual art, having practiced art and taking lessons since I was a young child.  In 2016, while still in the middle of my web career, I decided to start my own line of art on the side.  I found a new surrealist pop-art style I instantly fell in love with.  At the end of 2016, I decided to make posting art a tradition and set up social media pages for Surrebral.   This happened shortly after Donald Trump was elected president and many Americans and I needed a distraction.  And I feel that’s partly what keeps Surrebral going.  As a result, in February 2017, I built the website to include my work of art for the public to see.  In January 2019, I built a new, more sophisticated version of the website, combined with my old web work and my old domain redirected!