Art/ Art Show Experience

Art Thru Inner Space Show, Pacific Palisades, CA

Held a show at a small gallery in Pacific Palisades with only my artwork.  Primarily including my space artwork, portraits, and landscapes.  Sold about ten pieces and made over $1,500 worth of Surrebral art including Social Anxiety, Spacescape, and Love for Lana

Artists with Disabilities, California Museum, Sacramento, CA

JUNE 2017
Participated in a group art show with other individuals with disabilities including autism, down syndrome, cerrebral palsy, etc.  I am someone with Asperger’s Syndrome and featured my “Asperger’s” portrait in the show.

Artists with Autism, Heritage House, Covina, CA

JUNE 2017
Participated in a group art show with other individuals with autism.  I qualified to be in this show as I am someone with Asperger’s Syndrome.  However, I featured my Social Anxiety and Anxiety pieces, to showcase my anxiety towards America under a Trump presidency.

Portrait Show, Carter Sexton’s Art Store, North Hollywood, CA

MARCH 2017
Participated in a group art show with a “portraits” theme with other artists at my local art store, Carter Sexton’s, in North Hollywood.  I featured both a self-portrait, The Calm State, and another psychedelic portrait, The Innocence of Beauty.

Work Experience

Starbucks, Los Angeles, CA — Barista

MAY 2017 – DECEMBER 2018
Worked as a barista at the Starbucks on Beverly Glen Circle.  Rang people up with a big smile on the register, cleaned the store, made drinks, did trash runs, restocked items, and did anything else the store needed.  

The Intrinsic Group, Woodland Hills, CA — Web Designer and Developer  (*See LinkedIn profile for all specific projects)

Currently designing websites as part of the Intrinsic Group, which consults with nonprofit and for-profit organizations.  Intrinsic Group assists with organizations’ board management and branding and helps expand their media and web presence.

Independent Contractor, Los Angeles, CA Web Designer and Developer

JANUARY 2015- JUNE 2017
Built websites for a wide range of clients, developing front-end websites for small business owners, authors, artists, and real estate firms.  Specialized in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. 12 live websites designed. My live Web Projects are on the Web Projects page of this website.

Graphic Designer, Stowe, VT — Graphic Designer

MAY 2014 – DECEMBER 2014
Worked with MySightSee, which is a marketing website that promotes local businesses in towns around the East Coast and Denver, CO.  Have made ads and listings to promote local businesses. Also developed a “media kit” for them, a brochure about MySightSee to show potential clients.

Big Heavy World, Burlington, VT — Graphic Design Intern

MARCH 2014- MAY 2014
Interned with Big Heavy World, which is an organization that promotes local Vermont Music.  Have designed posters to promote Big Heavy World and their events. Also assisted with their WordPress-based website.

Westside Regional and Empowerment Center, Los Angeles, CA Web Designer

MAY 2013 – DECEMBER 2013
Worked on a website for the Westside Regional and Empowerment Center, a government-based organization providing resources for children with disabilities and their families.  Disabilities include Autism, Down Syndrome, and Intellectual Disabilities. Reconstructed each web page, edited and restyled content, to clean the pages and make content more readable.

Kroll Show, Hollywood, CA — Graphics Department Intern

MAY 2012- JUNE 2012
Interned on the Kroll Show, a comedy show, starring comedian Nick Kroll, for Comedy Central.  Worked with the Graphics Department in film editing by developing title cards and rotoscoping the actors on AfterEffects.

Dermogenesis, USA, Beverly Hills, CA —  Web Design Intern

JULY 2011- AUGUST 2011
Returned to Dermogenesis, USA to work on their new corporate website as a paid intern.  Edited product and press images using Adobe Photoshop, uploaded those images to the website, and typed in information about each image.

Film Roman, Burbank, CA Production Intern

MAY 2011- AUGUST 2011
Interned at this animation production company, which animated many famous TV shows.  Helped enter basic design information into the Film Roman database on “The Simpsons.”  Also helped scan archived images, punch animated cells, and helped around the office.

Dermogenesis, USA, Beverly Hills, CA —  Paid Assistant

JUNE 2007- AUGUST 2007 and JUNE 2008- AUGUST 2008
Worked as an office assistant, who helped organize shelves, scanned forms, organized and created photo books, entered customer data into an Excel database, and did other jobs that the business needed.  Dermogenesis, USA produces dermatology and beauty products for medical, surgical, and beauty use.


Champlain College, Burlington, VT — Bachelor of Communication and Creative Media in Graphic Design and Digital Media

Class of 2014

New Roads High School, Santa Monica, CA

Class of 2010