The Meaning Behind the New Drawing, “Asperger’s”

By February 11, 2017New Art
Surrebral- Asperger's by Max LaZebnik and for Art of Autism. Self portrait regarding Max's feelings about Asperger's Syndrome.

Last night, Max first posted his photo representing his feelings about having Asperger’s Syndrome.  “Asperger’s” represents Max’s feelings about living with Asperger’s.  Max has been diagnosed with Asperger’s since he was seven and depicts the drawing with two different “sides” to Asperger’s: the “weaknesses and fears” and “strengths and passions.”  The left side of the drawing in black and white pencil represents Max’s struggles and anxiety.  The right side of the drawing represents Max’s strengths and passions and was colored using colored pencils.

The left side of the drawing includes the daily obstacles Max experiences in his social life.  Max feels discomfort about how he presents himself on dates.  The anxiety Max experiences on these dates is represented by an innocent girl drinking a cup of coffee.  Directly behind her is a depiction of Donald Trump with a faceless, tangled head.  Trump represents many of Max’s fears and anxieties: bullying, corporate leaders, discrimination towards disabilities, and last but not least, Trump’s presidency.  Max experienced bullying while in junior high school, but has also experienced intimidation while working under hot-tempered company bosses.   Max felt scared, intimidated, and distraught as a result of these experiences, feeling like Asperger’s sometimes halts him.  Reflecting on Max’s discomfort from those experiences, Trump represents both very boldly.  Trump had also mocked a reporter with disabilities and similarly to Jenny McCarthy has said he believes vaccines cause autism.  Max feels he has been “prejudiced” by his Asperger’s, so reflecting on what Trump has said about both Asperger’s and disabilities, Trump represents that prejudice.  As a “progressive” Democrat, Max has long stood for human rights.  The man with glasses and a beard behind Trump represents a corporate boss who in a suit, looks “intimidating.”  Max included him in the drawing to depict how much intense pressure he felt working under company bosses.   To the bottom left of Trump is two guys partying with beer.  This represents Max’s self-consciousness while in a social situation.  Max feels intimidated by guys who are “making fun of him” for looking awkward or different from others.

The right side of the drawing reflects on Max’s artistic genius and strengths.  At the bottom right of the drawing is a blue road representing Max’s good sense of direction.  Max studied maps of Los Angeles before Google Maps existed, and hasn’t had much trouble finding his way around LA as long as he’s been driving.  Despite LA traffic, Max enjoys being on the road and is always willing to drive other people.  Right above the mountains next to the road is a hand typing code on a computer.  Max is just as gifted as a Web Designer and at computer graphics, so Max wanted to represent both of those computer-related strengths with fingers typing on a computer.  Max’s left ear turns into those hands and the sky over the road turns into the table the laptop rests on.  Above that, a hand draws a line parallel to the computer monitor.  This represents Max’s passion for drawing and how it relieves his stress.  The single line parallel to others make the drawing look “soothing” to represent how Max feels putting his pencil on the paper.  At the top center of the colored side of the drawing is John Lennon’s granny glasses, representing Max’s passion for the Beatles and classic rock music of the ’60’s.  Classic rock inspired Max’s surreal, psychedelic style in his the art.

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