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Surrebral- Asperger's by Max LaZebnik and for Art of Autism. Self portrait regarding Max's feelings about Asperger's Syndrome.

A huge shoutout to our friend, Debra Muzikar, for posting our art on the Art of Autism website.  “Aspergers“, “Anxiety“, “The Innocence of Beauty“, “The Calm State“, and “Peace of Mind” are all on the site.  The Art of Autism (AoA) is an organization that empowers and connects “individuals within the autism community through participation in the Arts” (AoA Mission).   AoA promotes visual art, music, writing, and more creative talent from people on the Spectrum.  Similarly to AoA, the message of Surrebral’s “Asperger’s” drawing is also giving people with Asperger’s a voice and expressing themselves visually.  Not only is Surrebral’s art up, but AoA was so kind to write a whole post dedicated to Max.

A huge thank you to the wonderful staff at AoA for including Surrebral’s art 🙂

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