Request commissions from Max and get cool customized art specifically for you! Whether its a drawing or painting, whether it’s on canvas or paper, etc.  Please use the form below to submit a request to Max.  He will get back to you shortly!

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Terms of Use

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Upon submission, you will receive an email to be approved for a commission.

A $50 down payment fee will be issued upon approval prior to art completion. Down payment non-refundable upon last-minute client cancellation.

Basic Pricing Not Including $50 Down Payment Upon Completion:

  • $75 for 11"x14" paper or smaller
  • $100 for 16"x20" canvas or smaller
  • $125 for 18"x24" paper
  • $150 for 18"x24" canvas
  • $150 for larger than 18"x24" paper
  • $200 for larger than 18"x24" canvas
  • $25 extra for a re-do of the painting (only 1 re-do permitted)
  • $50 extra for a frame
  • $10 extra for shipping