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My art portfolio, entitled, SURREBRAL, includes emotional self-portraits, celebrity portraits, space art, landscapes, and illustrations in a whimsical, psychedelic style.  I came up with the name, SURREBRAL, by combining the words, surreal, meaning a dream-like reality, and cerrebral, meaning of the mind.  Growing up, I developed an interest in classic rock, which gauged my interest in the psychedelic art from the late 1960s and 1970s.  Disney also inspired me to become an artist as a child.  I was first introduced to art by watching animated characters in Disney films and riding past incredible set designs and animatronics on Disneyland rides.  A lot of the work from Surrebral draws inspiration from that psychedelic art including Milton Glaser’s posters and David Bowie’s album covers.  The surrealistic style of my work also draws inspiration from my childhood love of Disney.


My self-portraits, including Asperger’s, give the viewer a visual representation of my feelings as a man and developing artist living with Asperger’s Syndrome.  My self-portraits also show viewers my anxiety as a young adult living in Donald Trump’s America. My space art, including SpaceScape, gives the viewer a chance to escape the modern world and make them feel as if they’ve stepped in my daydreams of visiting outer space.  My celebrity portraits, including Aretha, offer viewers my interpretation of each celebrity’s personality through their expressions.